Cup Exchange

Right now there is a show put on by five B-66 students and one professor running in the Harris Fine Arts Building.  The show is titled “Cup Exchange” and started with the work of Janna Siebert, J. Amber Egbert, Jason Palmer, Blaine Atwood, Jerel Harwood & Brian Christensen.

Each artist produced 20 drinking vessels and put them on display where the crowd is invited to bring a drinking vessel of their own and exchange it for one of the works on display, leaving behind their own cup and a hand written note explaining something about the cup they are leaving behind.

Opening night was very successful with many participants in attendance.  The show runs November 18th through December 3rd on the southern 5th floor landing and is open to the public during the buildings hours of operation.

You can see footage and images from the opening night below.

Opening night

Day 5 of the Exchange.  I tried to include just the cups that have been exchanged in to the show since opening night…

By jerel

Jerel Harwood received his Bachelors of Fine Arts at Utah Valley University (Cum Laude) 2010 and is currently in the Masters of Fine Arts Program at Brigham Young University. Jerel has shown art at Brigham Young University’s Gallery 303, Utah State University: Eastern, Utah Valley University Library Gallery, Woodbury Art Museum, Rio Gallery, Orem Arts in the Park and Utah Food and Care Coalition Bowls for Humanity. Jerel’s artwork is in the permanent collection at Big B Creations, and in several private collections. Jerel is one of the charter contributing artists for the Bowls for Humanity yearly event that raises funds for the Utah Food and Care Coalition. He is also one of the founding artists for the Utah Valley University Ceramic Artist Association. Jerel’s work is published in Lark Books’ 500 Raku. Share this:


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