Domestic Anchors

Domestic Anchors

December 13- January 13

Location: 100 block of University Ave. Provo, Ut. (Space South of Wells Fargo Bldg.)

Special Thanks to Provo City


Sculptor, Robert Irwin made the following statement about perception: “Seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees.” The artist and viewer must shed their normal symbolic thinking and look at objects outside of their original context in order to understand form in its purest sense.
In this installation, ordinary objects lose their original context through a transformation of material and by seeing the inside of a familiar object represented on the outside of a new object. The geometric web connecting the inverted objects represents the viewer’s attempt to anchor them to the familiar and to make contextual connections.

BYU 3D Studio Sculpture

Butler, Eve Sariah

Christensen, Dean Brian

Daines, Max Robert

Eliason, Tracy Jay

Hansen, Aimee Louise

Lyman, Caleb Stewart

McKell, Heather Yvonne

Nicholas, Shannon Nozomi

Smitley, Brittany Ann Elizabeth

Turley, Ty Wayne


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