Spring Glass Blowing – BYU 2014

Associate Professor Brian Christensen has posted images from the Spring 2014 Glass Blowing Class at his BLOG. Head on over to check them out.  

Glass Blowing 394R Fall 2013 — Brian Christensen

Brian Christensen posted a gallery of images highlighting work from Fall 2013’s Glass Blowing Class.  Students in this class worked not only on solid and blown forms, but kiln forming glass as well.  They used glass casting, fusing, flame work, and slumping methods for shaping and forming glass.  The work that was produced is quite… Continue reading Glass Blowing 394R Fall 2013 — Brian Christensen

Playing with process – Overglaze

I have posted some images of work that I have been doing while experimenting with Axner Glaze / Overglaze Pens on my artist blog.  You can head on over to check it out. Grey Forest Studio, LLC. » Playing with Overglaze. — Jerel Harwood

Cup Exchange

Right now there is a show put on by five B-66 students and one professor running in the Harris Fine Arts Building.  The show is titled “Cup Exchange” and started with the work of Janna Siebert, J. Amber Egbert, Jason Palmer, Blaine Atwood, Jerel Harwood & Brian Christensen. Each artist produced 20 drinking vessels and… Continue reading Cup Exchange